Robin Hood & Little John

Although not a particular fan of Robin Hood I did find an interesting fact while reading a book called “Curiosities of the Peak District”, I found out that Little John or John Little as he may have been known was said to be buried in Hathersage churchyard in the county of Derbyshire. I found out that this churchyard was only about an hour away so I traveled over there to find his grave and photograph it.

Robin Hood and Little John were said to have met when both of them tried to cross a river and were unable to pass one another, this resulted in a fight using quarter staffs and ended when Robin was dislodged and ended up in the river.

The grave of Little John is about ten feet in length and can be found by entering the churchyard through the lych-gate, after about seventy five yards you will see a sign directing you to his grave pointing left.

Little John was said to be a giant of a man and a thirty inch thigh bone has been unearthed at this location in the past which points to the fact that he was between seven and eight feet tall!

It is claimed by the residents of Hathersage that Little John lived here in the past and it is also claimed that his hat and bow used to hang in the porch of the church here. I have also found on my road map a place called Robin Hood which is only about five miles outside Hathersage, perhaps this is further evidence to support the claim that Robin and Little John were no strangers to the area.

Hathersage church

There is said to be two wells bearing the names of Robin Hood and Little John near Longshaw Lodge above Hathersage.

The centre stone which can be found half way down Little John’s grave is said to record the fact that the grave is under the care of the Ancient Order of Foresters.

The centre stone on Little John’s grave.

2 Responses to “Robin Hood & Little John”

  1. Quite fascinating, since Lady Armitage showed me John Little’s grave, on her estate near Huddersfield. This grave is surrounded with stone and the inscription – although difficult to read, state that John Little, known as Little John, lies within.

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