Unidentified Sea Creature – Barmouth.

If the following account which took place back on the 2nd of March 1975 is to be believed, then an extraordinary event occurred on the beach of Barmouth in Mid -Wales 42 years ago.

The account involves six local schoolgirls who were enjoying a stroll on Llanaber beach on Sunday 2nd March 1975, the beach in question is found at the northern end of the promenade. The girls stopped in their tracks when they witnessed to their astonishment something unusual about 200 yards ahead of them. “It was like a dinosaur,” said two of the girls, Carys Jones and Julie Anderson. “The body of the monster was about 10ft long, with a long tail, long neck and huge green eyes. It walked towards the sea and entered the water.” Julie, whose Father is one of the local Coastguards, added that the monster had feet like huge saucers, with three long pointed protruding nails. “It was horrible,” she said. And as they turned to run in fright, the girls said they could see the green eyes above the water until the black monster disappeared into the sea. They rushed straight to the Coastguards to report the sighting, who later said that the girls were extremely upset by their encounter. Police and the Coastguard kept an alert that night but there were no further sightings and the tracks left by the creature were soon washed away. Back then there were no camera phones to record any visual evidence, so we only have the girls testimony, however it would be unlikely that Julie would report a false statement to her Father who was the coastguard at the time and thereby subject him to possible ridicule.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The girls, all pupils at Ysgol Ardudwy, Harlech, all agreed on the description. One of their teachers had the idea of compiling a drawing of what they had seen, and this was later issued as a postcard.

The teacher, Colin Palmer said ” The drawing on the card is one compiled from interviewing each of the girls separately. The interesting thing is that once the card had been circulated, it prompted other people to come forward with their sightings. The North Wales Weekly News ran a story on the 6th of March which mentioned sightings of a sea going creature during the previous three weeks on the northern coast of Anglesey. Several people saw it showing only a foot or so of its body, and a “square cut tail” (similar to the Barmouth creature) as it moved fast up the main channel of Red Wharf Bay.

On the 8th of March The Western Mail quoted a story by Philip Wendel, who was a barman at the Myndon Hotel at the water’s edge: ” It was too weird and frightening to be a Basking shark, a dolphin or even a minature submarine. Five of us saw it going up the channel only 30 yards away and two woman employed at the hotel also saw it from another viewpoint a few minutes later and they were mystified.” He described it as about 12 ft long with a blackish, symmetrical form and a prominent tail. “It resembled a flying bomb from its tail, and we saw it before hearing about the Barmouth sighting,” he added.

A local fishing column also related that about two years ago a party of anglers from Liverpool fishing off the Black Wall, opposite Ynys y Gorad Goch, were on their way back along the shore in the fading light, when suddenly a large, 10 ft long creature slithered its way across the mud and kelp towards the water. They saw it had feet, webbed and shaped like saucers with long protruding nails just like the Barmouth sighting.

The Cambrian News, 7th March, mentions a photo owned by a Mr Gordon Walters of Tynycoed, says that this photo, taken two years ago of a “strange water creature” in the Barmouth estuary, is on display in a shop in Tynycoed. It also goes on to say that in 1937, Robert Jones of Harlech, encountered a “weird crocodile – like creature walking along a riverbank near Harlech.”

Another account concerns two women staying at a caravan park at Talybont who found “six young monsters” dead on the beach. They took photos and made a sketch of what they had seen, however according to a marine biologist these in all probability were badly mutilated skates. The ladies described their findings as having longish necks with small heads and two legs at the rear.

Another sighting concerns a local woman who claimed to have found four footprints “as big as an elephant’s” in the wet sand on an island off Barmouth. And a father and son, “not given to exaggeration” saw turbulence in a calm sea and reached for binoculars and a telescope. “They saw a large animal with a head similar to a seal, but with a long neck, playing in the sea between Dyffryn Ardudwy and Llanbedr,” said Edmond Evans, a local business man who seems to be collecting and recording the sightings. He goes on to say that some years ago a woman swimming locally, found herself almost within touching distance of what appeared to be a monster. “She swam for the shore for dear life.”

It may perhaps be that what those schoolchildren saw all those years ago was in fact based in reality and not just some child’s fantasy. Anyone up for a swim!

strange woodcarving close to the location of the sighting.

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