Biddulph Old Hall

The name Biddulph means “By the diggings” which reflects the mining traditions of the town, and nearby Biddulph Grange houses one of the most important victorian gardens in Britain which was constructed by the Bateman family in the 1800s. The photograph below shows Biddulph Old Hall as it is today.

During the English Civil war it was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell and the Roundhead army. Cromwell and his army pursued Lord Brereton from Cheshire, he reached Biddulph Old Hall where he took refuge with the Biddulph family who lived there.

The family were then beseiged by the Roundhead army, the hall was eventually destroyed after coming under bombardment by a large canon known as Roaring Meg belonging to the Roundhead army. The Photograph below is a view of the front wall of Biddulph Old Hall which came under fire from the canon Roaring Meg. Two canon ball compressions can still be seen where they had impacted with the wall.

The photograph below shows the possible location of a unique find that took place in the 1930s. While one of the employees of the estate was digging at the base of a wall, his spade came in contact with a large wooden box, upon opening the box he found a perfectly preserved pair of duelling pistols. They had clearly belonged to someone important as they had gold engraving on both of them. Were they Oliver Cromwell’s or perhaps Lord Brereton’s?

It is known that the workman sold the pistols to a local headmaster for 10 guineas, probably not realising their historical importance. Where the pistols are now no one knows for sure, perhaps they are in someone’s private collection never to be seen by the general public ever again! The photograph below shows the path and old entrance to Biddulph Old Hall.

12 Responses to “Biddulph Old Hall”

  1. Of course, what a splendid site and illuminating posts, I will bookmark your site.Best Regards!

  2. hi guys is it free entry into these grounds?thanx .

    • Hi Dave, You have to pay to enter the grounds of Biddulph Grange, however Biddulph Old Hall is now under private ownership. The grounds that I have written about and photographed are part of the Bateman landscaped walk which lies between the two properties, and which can be accessed from behind the Talbot pub.

  3. Hi loved the photos I grew up at Whitegates and played in the places you photographed when they were in private hands and we did it illicitly! So many happy memories. Pleased there is now a public walk and it can be shared. I will bring my children to see.

  4. I stayed as a teenager at the old hall in the 1950’s when mike Biddulph was living there. and my father was a friend of his. I remember the sound of collapsing walls while trying to sleep. Good to see it is back in privatre hands again

  5. Hi live close to Biddulph Old Hall and remember visiting as a child at school. Thought you would be interested to know that when the current owners were researching the building for a restoration programme it was actually discovered that the house that is attached is in fact the older of the two!

  6. Lovely pictures. Would love to visit.

  7. when is it open for public to view?

  8. I have been told you are open to the public a few times during the year, if this is true what days would you be open during 2016?

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