The Wars of the Roaches. (Doug Moller’s book).

Doug and Anne Moller lived for twelve years in RockHall Cottage, a castle like dwelling built onto a cave at the foot of the Roaches, a famous millstone grit outcrop over a thousand feet up in the Southern Pennines. They battled against the elements, against an invasion of tourists and against a series of bureaucrats to remain in their home in living conditions unimaginable to normal society in late twentieth century Britain.

Doug gained fame as “The King and Lord of the Roaches” and received a vast number of visitors, who flocked to see him in his isolated enviroment. He became a media sensation as a wild man wearing an eye patch who lived beyond the boundaries of the conventional world, but happiness escaped him despite his proximity to nature and natural beauty.

In this remarkable book, King Doug tells not only the full story of his ultimately unsuccessful struggle to survive at RockHall Cottage, but also the astonishing tales of his and Anne’s harsh upbringings, his adventures in the army and in Africa, his various love affairs, his loss of paradise in North Wales and his still continuing battle with the Peak National Park Board.

“The War of the Roaches” is a real life adventure story, complete with poems and artworks and an extensive photographic record of one of the most unusual individuals living in Britain today.

The book is published by Witan Books and the ISBN is 0 9508981 5 5

3 Responses to “The Wars of the Roaches. (Doug Moller’s book).”

  1. Can somebody please tell me where this book can be purchased?

  2. Im also going to buy it ive found it on Amazon

  3. mine arrived this morning!!

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