Sprink Tunnel.

I’d like to thank Martyn Webb who drew my attention to this unusual tunnel which can be found by following the Congleton to Biddulph road then when you pass St laurence church on your left you take the first turn left onto Woodhouse lane. Follow Woodhouse lane until you nearly enter Biddulph Moor, then turn left onto Under The Hill road, half way along you will see a public footpath sign on your left, if you follow this path it will lead you to the tunnel.

In the past the public footpath had used to lead through the tunnel, however over the years it has become unsafe and the county council have sealed both ends of it to keep the public out. The footpath now skirts around the tunnel and rejoins its original route on the other side. As can be seen in the photograph below.

This seems to be a strange place to build a tunnel as it doesn’t seem to serve a purpose, you enter it in one field and emerge from it in another which makes me believe that it was created for purely aesthetic reasons.

This theory is reinforced by the fact that there is an ornate archway which has been constructed close to one of the ends of the tunnel. Initially I thought that it was part of the landscaped walk created by the Bateman family who used to own Biddulph Grange, however I feel it may be too far from the Grange to qualify as that. I have been informed that it was created as part of a walkway between Knypersley Hall and Biddulph Grange, so it would seem that the Bateman family have left yet another legacy on the landscape.

As to the name of the tunnel “Sprink” and also “Sprinkside farm” which can be found nearby it makes me wonder whether there has been a problem in this area, as the name Sprink denotes a mischievous spirit like a poltergeist or Hob Goblin. If anyone out there has any other information to add too this page please feel free to leave a comment.

3 Responses to “Sprink Tunnel.”

  1. Hi, I really enjoy this blog, it encompasses everything I am interested in in this area. There is a ‘Sprink Lane’ off Buxton road coming out of Congleton. It ends up at Key Green at the Base of The Cloud and has a story of a car crash and haunting attached to it – also my mother had an intense feeling of fear and the idea that ‘an old dwarf woman was just around the corner’. This occurred on Halloween 1993 after driving down the road with the lights off at my request (I was 12 and had just had a Halloween party!) So the fact the name appears again in Biddulph is interesting. Buglawton, where I grew up and my family still live, comes from the Welsh word ‘bwg’ for ghost or spirit. I have more theories on this but not enough space to write. Anyway thanks for the great blog, I’ll continue to read

    • Hi Rebecca, I’m glad you find this blog interesting. I think the name Sprink relates to a boisterous spirit as far as I can remember.
      Regards Gary

  2. It is said that certain types of little beings enjoy or need tunnels. Perhaps this was built to appease one or keep it occupied and out of the way of other activities.

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