Merryton Low

On the opposite side of the road and just a short distance from the haunted pool known as Blakemere (Black Mere) on Morridge Moor in the Staffordshire Moorlands can be seen a triangulation point. Close to this triangulation point can be seen the remains of a Tumulus or burial mound, and up to the 1840s this tumulus used to be surrounded by standing stones.

The triangulation point at Merryton Low.

North North East of Merryton Low can be found an area which is known as Noonsun, this place has aquired its name due to the fact that it is exactly on the bearing of sunrise at the Summer Solstice from Merryton low (from the true meridian and at 5 degrees elevation).

A few hundred yards past the Mermaid Inn on Morridge Moor which is only a short distance from Merryton Low, and in a South South East direction is a farm and area known as Hob Hay. Hay means a clearing or an enclosure and the word Hob is thought to be the dwelling place of a Bogeyman or Boggart called Hob Hurst. It is thought the Hob may be a domestic spirit like a Brownie (poltergeist) whereas the Hob hurst was a spirit that dwelt in the wilds.

Hob Hay farm on Morridge Moor.


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