Tom’s Skin.

Just off the Leek to Stoke road on the outskirts of the village of Endon in the county of Staffordshire can be found a place named Tompkin and also a road of the same name.

The name Tompkin is thought to be derived from “Tom’s Skin” and it came about because of a story which involved a young drummer boy who was passing through this area either at the time of the English Civil War or a century later when the Jacobite rebellion occurred, no one seems quite sure. However I have come across a record that points to the fact that the boy was fifteen years of age and his name was Tam, he was passing through with the Jacobite army in December of 1745. Whether he got seperated from the other soldiers somehow is not known, however a local Squire by the name of Murhall is said to have caught the boy and had him flayed at a Tannery at Endon in revenge for the many atrocities that the Scottish army inflicted on the local population as they passed this way.

When Tam, or Tom’s skin was removed from his body the Squire used it to cover a drum which according to legend hung for many years in Endon church, the whereabouts of the drum today are unknown.


One Response to “Tom’s Skin.”

  1. Coming from Badderley Edge I have a different version of the tale. In this Tam is a Jacobite soldier who was found drunk in the squires cellar. As Bagnall Hall was reputedly occupied briefly by Charles it has some credibility. The legend goes on to say that Tam was flayed and his skin put into the tanning tank. Each night it was placed on the bottom of the pile and each morning was found on top, even when heavy stones were placed on it. Finally the squire relented and the skin was buried at Tomkin. A spring then appeared on the spot and is reputably still there today.

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