Mouselow Stones update.

This story is a follow on to the attached page “Celtic Stone Head Cult”. The Mouselow stones which were found on Mouselow hill in Glossop ended up in a house wall, from here they made their way into the safekeeping of Buxton museum, however in 1985 they were returned to Glossop to coincide with an archeological dig that was taking place on Mouselow hill at that time.

The strange thing that occurred was when the stones were due to be moved again presumably back to Buxton museum, they were stored in a room overnight which happened to contain some computers, when the people returned in the morning they found non of the computers would work. Checks were made and even technicians were brought in to try to trace the problem without any success. Initially it was thought that a power cut may have been responsible, however it turned out that there had been no interruption of the electrical supply.

It wasn’t until more electrical items were brought into the same room as the stones, which included an electric typewriter that they realised that the stones contained some sort of power supply which was interferring with these electrical appliances.

When the stones were finally removed from the building and returned to Buxton museum things returned to normal and the computers started working properly once more. A member of the museum staff heard what had happened and recalled being told by someone that the stones possessed a very strong magnetic field, he had initially thought that it was merely folklore, but on hearing what had occurred he was forced to reconsider.

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  1. Very Interesting!!

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