The Hermit’s Cave.

About fifty yards away from where the Gawton stone stands can be found a cave, or a better description would be a  passageway throughhermits cave 002 the rock face. This cave I have been told by locals is known as the Hermit’s cave, presumably the hermit known as Gawton who it is said lived beneath the large Gawton stone a short distance away also utilised this cave to live in.


It may be that during the summer months Gawton would have lived below the large stone from which it takes its name. The stone is raised up on three smaller rocks which allow cramped access beneath it, however during the winter months it would probably not provide sufficient shelter from the elements, therefore the logical answer would be too move into the cave and block one end off and limit the access from the other. This would have provided a more comfortable existence than the Gawton Stone.hermits cave 005

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