The Mermaid of Blakemere (update).


2 Responses to “The Mermaid of Blakemere (update).”

  1. Hello Ludchurch, your posts on Blake Mere are v interested. We (two of us) swam a lap of the Mere last Fridy (9 August 2013) – the only ‘mere-maid’ that day was me!

  2. […] Sooze: ‘Picked #259 from the Wild Swimming (by Daniel Start) book Kiz gave me. This is Blake Mere between Leek and Buxton in the Peak District. The book did say it was ‘tiny’. What it didn’t say was that it’s essentially a bog. I swam a lap anyway (no, not snorkelling). (The bench in the photo commemorates 50 years of the Ranger Service. The etching reads: ‘In the summer at Mermaid Pool As the grass grows all around I think I sometimes hear her sing For the mermaid’s home I’ve found. Poem by Harriet Burn’) (Links: About Blake Mere’s mermaid More about Blake Mere) […]

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