Doxy’s Pool – The Roaches

On the rocky ridge known as the Roaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands can be found an unusual pool, it can be found by following the footpath from the end of the Roaches by Rock Hall cottage, and after about a quarter of a mile you will arrive at its location. It is a small pool found about 1600ft above sea level on the top of the Roaches, it always seems to be full, yet does not seem to have any catchment area, some people claim that it is a dew pond. I tend to think that the amount of evaporation especially in hot weather would probably rule out this explanation, perhaps the small artesian spring found at the eastern side of the pool provides enough water to keep it topped up.

A libation cup or altar can be seen in the foreground which would have had herbs and honey placed in it when offerings were made to the spirit in the pool.

Another theory concerning the level of water in the pool is that it is somehow connected to Blakemere another pool found about three miles away on top of Morridge Moor. Both pools are at the same height above sea level, and both pools don’t seem to have any catchment area to speak of, it has been suggested that both pools are connected somehow and are fed by an underground system and it is this that keeps the water level constant.


Like Blakemere this pool is said to be bottomless and is also said to be the home of a Mermaid who is said to lure any unsuspecting traveller into its depths by her singing. Some people claim that the pool was man made, and that in the past it has been associated with the Goddess Brigit, this may account for the altar which can be found overlooking the pool and which was thought to have been used in connection with fertility ceremonies.

The word Doxy is thought to refer to a Harlot or Prostitute according to old North of England stories, and in fact the word Doxy is still in use in Africa and still has the same meaning. It is thought that this term was used to denigrate the Celts Goddess Brigit thereby undermining her influence? In the top photograph a bunch of flowers can just be seen at the side of the pool, perhaps it is an offering to the spirit that is said to reside in the pool, placed there by someone else who believes in the legend perhaps?


3 Responses to “Doxy’s Pool – The Roaches”

  1. Hello, how are you? I hope you do well. I needed to say that I like Doxy’s Pool – The Roaches ludchurch.

  2. Hi Gary. I have recently rediscovered your website and I am enjoying re-familiarsing myself with all its wonderful content. I rented the barn at Roachside farm for 3 years untill recently and used the info contained here to go out and explore these mysteries for myself. Thanks for such an amazing resource!

  3. I was also thinking about the Bridestones and read a story about the Devils ring and finger now located on private land near Market Drayton which I sought out one day and managed to climb through the ring hoping to enter another dimension, however it never happened! The website was The Megalithic portal, another great site. It was suggested that these two stones were removed from the Bridestones burial chamber and taken to their current location adjacent to some big manor house! (criminals) I wondered if you could shed some light on this and maybe you could write a piece about it here??? Just wondering. Thanks, Sam.

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