The Wagon & Horses Disturbance

The following story was related to me by my Brother-in-law Philip Moss who was told the story first hand on the day that it occurred which was the 10th March 2007. He had called in for a drink at the Wagon and Horses pub on the A34 Manchester road on the outskirts of the town of Congleton.

The Landlady of the pub knew Philip, and being in a state of distress felt that she was able to relate the following incident which had occurred earlier that day.

It transpired that earlier she had gone into the back room of the pub to answer a ringing phone that was in there, upon lifting the receiver she found that there was no one on the other end of the phone. To avoid having another wasted journey to the back room she unplugged the phone and started to bring it through to the bar, while she was doing this an unexplained gust of air blew past her in the corridor even though all the windows and doors were closed at that time!

Once the phone was plugged in at the bar she went about her business as usual, only to discover that after a few minutes had passed that the non existent phone that had just been removed from the back room was once again ringing there, even though the phone was still in the bar!

Another unusual occurrence happened when one of the waitresses saw an elderly woman sitting in the restaurant even though it was closed at that time, she reported this to the Landlady who came to confront the lady only to find she had vanished!

After relating what had happened to a friend of mine Keith Pay, who has founded the Congleton Paranormal Society, he informed me that in the field behind the pub there had used to be a Monastery and also an ancient Carp pool which would have supplied fish for the Monks there. However these days nothing remains as evidence to show this, but a recent change has taken place as the company Tarmac have taken over this field and excavated it to remove large quantities of sand which can be found here. It is this disturbance which has occurred which may have triggered the ghostly sightings and phenomena which have been taking place.

Have the excavations taking place behind the Wagon and Horses triggered paranormal phenomena?

Very similar occurrences took place at Fools Nook due to quarrying taking place there, this involved strange lights being seen coming out of the ground and negative energy being detected. I will be watching what unfolds with interest as the excavation proceeds!


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  1. Hello.This article was extremely interesting, particularly because I was searching for thoughts on this issue last week.

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