The Hayfield Phenomenon.

Close to the border between Derbyshire and Cheshire can be found the quaint village of Hayfield, it seems to be an unlikely setting for a strange paranormal event which although happened back in 1754 was well documented and seen by multiple witnesses.

Hayfield church is the location of a communal grave site where many flood victims are buried and although I am not sure, I assume that it was these graves which were involved in the paranormal event.

The events which took place here are recorded in a letter written to a colleague by the Revd Dr James Clegg, a down to earth non conformist minister of religion frm nearby Chapel-en-le Frith and is as follows….. On the last of August, several hundreds of bodies rose out of the grave in the open day of that church, to the great astonishment and terror of several spectators. They deserted the coffin, and rising out of the grave, immediately ascended directly towards heaven, singing in consert all along as they mounted thro’ the air; they had no winding sheets, about them, yet did not appear quite naked, their vesture seemed streaked with gold, interlaced with sable, skirted with white, yet thought to be exceeding light by the agility of their motions, and the swiftness of their ascent. They left a most fragrant and delicious odour behind them, but were quickly out of sight…..Does this event which took place all those years ago prove that the soul exists and goes to some other place when it vacates the material body? What would the motivation be for someone to make up such a story? This story seems to raise more questions than answers!

According to records the remains of a Scottish pedlar are buried here at Hayfield churchyard, his body was originally buried between Coldwell Clough and the village of Hayfield, close to the house known as Highgate Hall. It is said that this pedlar was murdered and his body was buried close to a well that is now sealed, however his spirit would not rest and he haunted this locality becoming known as “The Thiggate Hall Ghost”. Because of the disturbances surrounding this restless spirit his bones were dug up and re-interred in Hayfield churchyard in 1770, and it is said that as long as the well remains sealed the pedlar’s ghost will remain at peace and not haunt the area.

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