Gawtons Well

In Knypersley park in the county of Staffordshire can be found a sacred grove which is said to have been used by Celtic Druids.

Gawtons Well

This sacred grove is probably one of the finest examples to be found anywhere in this country.

The grove consists of many Yew trees which had used to be venerated by the Celtic people, these in turn surround a well which is fed by a water source and is known locally as Gawton’s well.

The name Gawton’s well was derived from the hermit named Gawton who was said to have been cured of the plague at this spot, presumably from either drinking or bathing from its waters. There is also evidence of a building having stood at one time at this spot, perhaps it was a hermitage occupied by Monks attracted to the curative waters to be found at this sacred well? It is well worth a visit to this special spot as there is still an air of tranquility which pervades this unusual place.

For more detailed information regarding Gawton’s Well please visit Robert Worrall’s website who is the curator of Biddulph museum at

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  6. I stumbled upon Gawton’s well today, the feeling inside the rock circle is quite eerie :/

  7. Isn’t Gawton Swell? Sorry. Went there yesterday – a very interesting place. Do you know why there are so many ribbons etc hanging from the trees? Is it some kind of pagan spell?

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  9. I recently visited this wonderful area. I live in America and my wife is from Knypersley. The Serpentine/Knypersley Pool along with this hauntingly beautiful spot remains one of our favorite places in the UK

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  11. I had my youngest daughter’s wiccaning (pagan naming ceremony) here nearly nine years ago.

  12. I love to visit Gawton’s Well on the Wiccan sabbaths, to bring my own offerings and to see what others have bought. The energy within the circle is like nowhere else I have ever been. Magickal.

  13. You can gain valuable information for Gawton’s Well from our museum website article.

    This information is updated regularly as we are doing a full study of Gawton’s Stone, Gawton’s Well and Grove along with various other ancient sites in Biddulph.

  14. What does ‘Ludchurch’ refer to? My late father (died last year aged 96) was born in Brown Edge and his sister still lives there. I have been a regular visitor to the area for 65 years and have never heard the name Ludchurch’ mentioned. Lion’s Paw Wood, Gawton’s Well and the Warders Tower are truly special as is Knypersley and Greenway Country Park. My great Auntie Annie was in service at the hall and I remember it before it was pulled down. I wish I could live in the area (I’m from Manchester) but I don’t suppose now that I ever shall. My Dad’s ashes were spread on Marshes Hill overlooking Knypersley lake so he is there for all Eternity.

    • Hi June,
      The term Ludchurch refers to a natural landslip around two hundred yards long and fifty foot deep found on the far side of the Roaches in the Staffordshire Moorlands which has many legends attached to it. There are plenty of references and information concerning it which can be found on this web page.

  15. I have lived for 65 years only a mile from Knypersley Pool where Gawtons Well and Gawtons Tower are located, and played up there for many years as a young boy, and now I visit the lake and grounds at least 2 times a week. Gawtons Well is a fresh water spring that was discovered just over 100 years ago when they built the reservoir and the waterfall along the path to the right of the Well, and I have never heard or know of any history of it being called Druids Well. There is also about 50 yards further along the same path a large rock balanced on some smaller rocks that was known as Druids Cave when I was a boy, but for some reason people have started calling it the Lion Stone, because apparently the stone resembles a lions head. Gawtons Tower was still lived in until the early 1950’s. I hope this info helps you.

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