Cluelow Cross

Cluelow Cross can be found on the A54 Congleton to Buxton road in the county of Staffordshire at the back of the Fourways Motel before you reach the small village of Allgreave. It is called a cross but bears no resemblance to one, it can be found on top of a man made mound which is now covered by trees.

The location of Cluelow Cross amongst trees on a man made mound.

The mound in question is thought to be a burial mound, it is thought no excavations have taken place here, apart from a small excavation that took place many years ago, this revealed a skeleton of a young girl and some pottery.

Many theories have been put forward as to the purpose of this strange standing stone, however after I spoke to local author Frank Parker, his theory seems to make the most sense, as he proposes that over the years it has been used as a phallic fertility stone for women wishing to conceive, they would walk around the base of the stone keeping in close contact with it at all times.

If you look at the base of the stone you can clearly see wear there, as if countless numbers of feet have worn it away over the years. This stone however is not unique, there is one in St Edwards churchyard in the town of Leek which has been Christianised by having certain carvings added to it, two were at Wincle Grange and three were moved to West Park in Macclesfield which originally stood in Macclesfield forest.

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