Little Moreton Hall

Little Moreton Hall is said to be one of the finest black and white half timbered Tudor Manor houses in the country and can be found on the A34 between Congleton and Scholar Green.

The hall is surrounded by a moat and in its grounds can be found a strange mound which may in fact be a Tumuli or Lowe (burial mound). It has been speculated that at one time a secret tunnel connected with the cellar of the house which has now been bricked up, however this story may have arisen from the fact that the house is built on a Ley-line, and perhaps over the years the Ley-line has evolved into a secret tunnel.

The hall was built around 1450 and has been added to over the years, this includes the long gallery which is reputed to be haunted, and along with the extra weight this added to the house and the fact that there are no substantial foundations it has created a crooked appearance to the building.

In 1997 a thirteen year old girl who was visiting the hall reported seeing a face appear in the fireplace, which according to her gave her an evil look.

Another strange occurrence took place between 2000-2002 when a spate of near misses were reported to the police along the A34 between Congleton and Scholar Green on a stretch of road known as Morton Level. The people involved claimed to have swerved to avoid figures that were in the road, the police decided to look into it before a fatality occurred. For many weeks the police would frequently park on the lay by on Morton Level to monitor the situation, the two officers kept watch without witnessing anything, until one night when again they thought their vigil had been fruitless and were just turning their patrol car around to head back to Congleton, when to their complete suprise a horse drawn carriage appeared in the middle of the main road, proceeded for about 100 yards towards Scholar Green, and then turned left onto the driveway leading to Little Morton hall and then promptly disappeared!

Morton Level Layby

2 Responses to “Little Moreton Hall”

  1. This particular stretch of the A34 is notorious and there have been several fatal accidents here. To most drivers it would seem perfectly innocuous – a straight wide carriageway with just a couple of easy bends by the hall itself.

    Living in Scholar Green, I drove along here many times at the dead of night on my way home from Congleton in my late teens and early 20s; not once did I see anything, but my pulse always raced particularly on the stretch past the hall itself.

    A friend of mines father did recount an odd tale of once stopping at an accident late one night on the stretch. There were a couple of people by the side of the road and a car had ploughed through a hedge into a nearby field. The people told my friends father that the driver had been killed and that the police were coming, but suggested that as he wasn’t a witness to the accident there was no point him hanging around.

    The next morning he woke feeling that there had been something odd about the whole incident and drove back to the scene; but there was no sign of any disturbance and the police had no reports of an accident.

    As I say there have been numerous accidents before and after that, including a lad I went to school with who was killed here back in 2001.

    Incidentally, a house nearby on the opposite side of the a34 was the scene of a nasty murder in 1980s when a botched robbery was meant to take place at nearby Ramsdell Hall.

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