The Stiperstones

There are a number of legends associated with the Stiperstones, a jagged group of rocks which can be found on the Shropshire hills and are visible for miles around. The first legend is that of Edric Guilda who was Lord of the Manor of Lydbury North at the time of the Norman invasion in 1066.

It is said that Wild Edric as he was known, resisted the Norman invaders initially but was eventually cursed for reaching a peaceful agreement with them. Accounts go on to say that because of the curse of Edric his wife and followers were inmprisoned in one of the lead mines which abound in this area. Like the King Arthur legend it is said that when danger threatens England Edric and his men will rise up to meet the challenge. It has been said that in the past he was seen galloping across the hills just before the start of the Crimean war as well as the First and Second World Wars before disppearing below ground once more. In the past miners have reported knocking sounds coming from deep in the mine, they claim that this is the ghost of Edric guiding them to where rich deposits can be found.

The other legend that concerns the Stiperstones is the belief that these rocks were left by the Devil. It was said that the Devil was travelling from Ireland across Britain and that he was intending to fill a valley on the other side of the Stiperstones which is now known as Hell’s Gutter with rocks. It is said that he stopped for a rest on the hill where the Stiperstones can now be found. The Devil had been carrying these rocks in his apron and it is said that the apron split whereupon the stones were deposited on the ground where they can still be found to this day. It has also been claimed that at certain times the smell of brimstone can be smelt in this area. An interesting feature can be found amongst the rocks, as one of the rock formations resembles an empty armchair, this is known locally as the Devils armchair. It is claimed that the Devil sits on this armchair on the longest night of the year and summons all his evil spirits, Witches and followers so that they can choose their King for the following year.


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