The Gawton Stone.

In Knypersley park in the county of Staffordshire can be found a huge rock which is known as the Gawton Stone.

The Gawton Stone can be found close to Gawton’s well and it has been described as a Dolmen or Megalithic stone monument and would have been known as a Druids Cromlech in Victorian times.

This Dolmen is known as the Gawton Stone and in the past has been used as a burial chamber, and like the Bawdstone which can be found on the Roaches it is said to possess the power to heal. It is formed by three upright stones with a huge stone resting upon these.

During the 17th century according to local tradition a man from Knypersley hall by the name of Gawton was suffering from the plague and was cured by bathing in the nearby Druids well, before that he had been living as a hermit beneath this stone, and that is said to be the reason how it acquired its name.

Gawton’s well close to the Gawton Stone.

For more detailed information regarding the Gawton Stone please visit Robert Worrall’s website who is curator of Biddulph museum at

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    This information is updated regularly as we are doing a full study of Gawton’s Stone, Gawton’s Well and Grove along with various other ancient sites in Biddulph.

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