Ancient Pathway Alignment?

Below Axe Edge and also below the A53 Leek to Buxton road can be found what appears to be the remains of an ancient pathway, this in itself is unusual, however an alignment can be found which crosses the countryside and intersects with many places named Sycamore. Frank Parker in his new book “Solstice Trackways” which can be found on this website throws more light on the mystery.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA” Between Shining Tor and Sheen Hill at 380m is the summit of Axe Edge at 487m. This geography just obscures the initial sunrise over Sheen Hill from Shining Tor. The solution to this problem would have been a sighting point on the top of Axe Edge. This point would be in the form of a phallic shaft. No trace of such a shaft remains but we have some clues to its former existence. The name Axe Edge strongly suggests the presence of a phallic shaft on this solstice line in former times. The Welsh/British word Awch translates as ardour, Avid, Eager, Zest all of which could be interpreted as the sexual implication of a phallic shaft. This word is also applicableto the shaft at Axestones Spring in Heaton. Some additional speculation for the former existence of a phallic marker on Axe Edge comes from the existence of a trackway crossing the Buxton to Leek road towards Axe Edge. This pathway significantly passes by Sycamore Farm, one of four close by on the solstice line. The name Sycamore probably derives from the British Sicra Mawr meaning a safe place to camp.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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