The Ashbourne Circle.

A husband and wife team have rediscovered an ancient form of energy using the art of dowsing. John and Anne Gilman have tracked this elliptical energy source for 68 miles and have discovered that it passes through many towns and villages along the way. They have put forward the theory that in the past animals have followed this line of energy forming paths upon the landscape, in turn ancient man was drawn to these animal tracks and formed footpaths which in turn became pack horse trails which eventually became modern roads. Churches, standing stones, burial mounds, etc have been sited upon this line of energy, presumably to tap into its power for a reason that has long been forgotten. More in depth information can be found in the fascinating book written by John and Anne Gilman under the title of The Ashbourne Circle ISBN 1-897949-94-4 and published by Churnet Valley books, 1 King Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Tel. 01538 399033

2 Responses to “The Ashbourne Circle.”

  1. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention. I went and ordered it and it came yesterday. Great book! Ashbourne certainly has an energy, as it draws me to the area on many of my free days! Do you have any more book recommendations? It would be great if you could do a recommended reading list on your website.

    • Hi Martin, I’m glad you enjoyed the book, you would probably enjoy Doug Pickford’s books which cover many places of local interest. You will probably be able to find some copies in Leek library or Congleton library.
      Regards Gary

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