Morridge Moor

Morridge Moor can be found high up in the Staffordshire Moorlands, its name means moor ridgeway, these ridgeways were packhorse trails in the past which crossed the country from West to East, these trails were a means of transporting salt and other goods mainly from Wales to the ports in England.

This photograph shows the tarmac road which runs across the top of Morridge Moor which would probably have followed the course of the old packhorse trail which used to run across the top of the ridgeway.

The men who used to travel these packhorse trails had to defend themselves as best they could against thieves and bandits, and the nearby outcropping of rocks called Gib Tor (Gibbet Hill) was one of the highest points in the area. This is the reason a Gibbet was constructed here and criminals were hung from it as a constant reminder to anyone thinking of breaking the law!

Another view of Morridge Moor


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