Pexhill Road

Pexhill road runs from Broken Cross and leads out to Henbury, Siddington and open countryside in the county of Cheshire. It is a pleasant winding and leafy lane and was used in the past by people who wanted to get out of the grime of Macclesfield and enjoy the fresh air and countryside, yet still remain within walking distance of Macclesfield.

The name Pexhill was derived from the name Pixie Hill, which quite literally means “Hill of the Pixies”, it could have been given this name by superstitious people who lived in this area, and believed that Fairies or Pixies inhabited a certain area close to this road. Over the years the name has changed to Pexhill and its true origins seemed to have been lost along with some of its magic.

Pexhill road where it meets the junction of the A34.

In 1816 there was a sighting of the Fairy Folk by three girls at a private school in Hurdsfield which is quite close to Pexhill. The sighting was reported to the local Constabulary and the story is as follows, the three girls, Mary Cope, Mary Hulley and Rosalinda Gordon were walking towards Rainow at about 6pm on a thursday evening in May. For some reason they sat on a wall opposite the school, when suddenly Mary Cope shouted look at that strange rabbit in among the seedlings. They did so and were amazed at what they saw: a group of small people no bigger than rabbits. There were thirteen of these small people, and they were all holding hands and dancing in a circle, but when Mary shouted something to them they all ran away and were not seen again.

This photograph shows the Henbury end of Pexhill road and may depict the actual Pixie hill which can be found close to the Pexhill road.

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