The Dagger & Axe

High up on Ramshaw Rocks where the A53 runs between Leek and Buxton can be found unusual carvings in one of the rocks, some people have speculated that it represents a Christian cross and Thors Hammer, these carvings are found to have small chiselled holes surrounding them which suggests an astronomical star pattern.

In 1953 a Mr R.J.C. Atkinson found thirty similar symbols at Stonehenge which he described as daggers and axes and he claimed they were Mycenean or Minoan in origin. Today archaeologists are still not in agreement over their true origin, so maybe they will never be sure who carved them, but one thing they can be sure of is that they are probably thousands of years old. The photograph above shows the carvings, I have had to smear peat on them to highlight them so they show up more clearly.

There are many strange rock formations to be found on Ramshaw rocks caused by wind and rain eroding them over thousands of years. This photograph resembles a strange face which can be found close to the main path that runs across this rocky escarpment.

Another rock on Ramshaw Rocks can be found about ten metres away from the main path, on this rock can be seen a carved face which is said to date back to Celtic times.

Celtic Face?

A view from Ramshaw Rocks

This strange rock can be found on the far side of Hen Cloud close to Ramshaw Rocks, it reminds me of the head of one of the Stormtroopers in the Star Wars films.


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  1. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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