Throwley Hall

Throwley Old hall is no longer a home having fallen into disrepair many years ago. I managed to locate the hall by following the sign post to Calton which is close to the turn for Ilam off the Leek to Ashbourne road. If you follow this road to Calton, then follow the sign posts for Throwley and Ilam the road will take you past Throwley hall.

The hall is located next to Throwley Hall farm which is a working farm and which breeds white Charolais cattle which can be seen in the fields around the farm. The road that runs past the hall leads to the village of Ilam and is said to be haunted by a wagon and horses which at sometime in the past ran off the road killing the passengers inside. The coach is still said to be seen and heard at times as it makes its way to Ilam Hall.

Another story concerning Throwley Hall is that of the ghost of a blond haired child that has been seen among the ruins asking for help, and when non is forthcoming he proceeds to start crying. Back in the 17th century the hall was a home for a sect called the Muggletonians, this group believed that the only law was that of the Divine Spirit, and that when the body died the soul died with it. It was said that their aim was to bring about heaven on earth, they did not believe in churches and were of the belief that a service could be performed anywhere not just in a church. The Muggletonians preferred isolation, this is probably why Throwley Old hall was chosen for their purpose as it is quite isolated.

The road haunted by a coach and horses.

12 Responses to “Throwley Hall”

  1. my great aunt lived in river lodge cottage at illam in the 50s and 60s and told me of the local legend of a spook coach that appeared in thunderstorms re-enacting a tragedy where a coach and horses met their death many years before she had witnessed the apparition on several occasions.

    • Thanks for the comment Janet, I welcome any information which brings more facts to light about Throwley Hall and also the many interesting places which can be found in this part of the country.
      Regards Gary

  2. I am a paranormal researcher with tht West Midlands Ghost Club. I will be staying at Throwley Hall in November 2011 to do a little metal detecting and will be conducting a vigil of the ruins during my stay.

    • Hi Conna,
      I hope you find what your looking for both spiritually and materially, I also am a member of a metal detecting club, my friend is the founder member, it is the C.D.M.D.C (Congleton & District Metal Detecting Club). Regards Gary

  3. Hi Gary

    Have you been to Throwley Hall metal detecting at all? if so what have you found worthy of any interest from there.


  4. Hi Gary

    Well I contacted the owner for B&B accomodation and asked the question regarding metal detecting. She said they have numerous metal detectors there most weekends. I guess most of the things have been found by now but I put faith in my trusted e-trac that it will still winkle out a few finds others have missed. I shall concentrate away from the old Hall as I guess everyone will head for that area.

    I’ll be sure to let you know what I find if anything when I return.


  5. […] a reference to some of the more exotic folklore relating to Throwley on the Ludchurch blog – well worth a read, but bring your own pinch of […]

  6. Brilliant info. Found the page via a tip from zteve on instagram. Drove tonsil am today looking for the hall but missed it somehow. Will be sure to loll again soon though. Love the ghostie bits.

  7. Brilliant info . Love the ghostly bits. Went looking for this today but was just guessing at the location till I read this. Great info. Look out for my luddchurch pics on my blog. I’ll ping yours so u can see.

  8. I am researching my family history and have discovered that an ancestor John Phillips 1769-1852 …. “Following the Cromwells the house passed to the last Baron de Clifford, Edward Southwell, who sold to Sir Samuel Crompton in 1790, who let the property to the reputable Phillips family.

    So much history to discover and I am really enjoying finding out about my ancestry in England and Wales.

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