The legend of Bagmere pool.

In the county of Cheshire can be found a place known as Brereton, at this place can be found Brereton Hall which had used to be the residence of the Brereton family. Although the Brereton family no longer reside here, close to the hall and also Bagmere farm can be found the remains of what once was a very large pool. Using a map I was able to follow a public footpath close to Brereton park, this took me across the fields which lie between Bagmere farm and the park.bagmere pool 001

Upon reaching the area where the pool is located I found a large swampy area covered by bullrushes and other marshy plants which now grow in the area where the pool had been many years ago. The pool was drained to reveal the valuable land it once covered, however it seems that the land has never been utilised as it still appears waterlogged.

The legend attached to this once large body of water is that large trunks of trees were seen to emerge from the surface of the water a few days after the death of one of the heirs of the Brereton family, shortly after the appearance of the trees they would then disappear. Locals were of the opinion that there was a supernatural force at work, whereas the Brereton family put it down to coincidence. This is yet another legend which can be found in this unique county of Cheshire.bagmere pool 009

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