Fools Nook

Fools Nook gained its name from the fact that this was one of the last places in this area that Druids were known to have existed, that were refered to by the locals as the fools in the nook. However there is more to this place than meets the eye, when you are travelling on the Leek to Macclesfield road, you only have to blink and you have passed through it, but there has been reports over the years of ufo activity, fairies and black energy.

Firstly one sighting of ufos in this area took place in the 1960s around the time of the construction of the GPO tower on Croker hill, four motorists were travelling on the Macclesfield to Leek road which passes through Fools Nook, when they saw flying saucers shoot out of the hill behind Fools Nook, they then flew to Croker hill and hovered over the building site before flying off at high speed. Two weeks later a car was waiting for the traffic lights to change at Bosley croosroads, when one of the passengers in the rear saw a silver glowing craft approach the car and hover over it. The car drove on towards Macclesfield and the object stayed over it. As the car approached Fools Nook the vehicle’s lights went out. The driver brought the car to a standstill, then the object took off at high speed, the lights came back on and the occupants of the car were able to carry on with their journey, in a state of shock but unharmed.

In the 1970s a man who lived on nearby Hurdsfield estate witnessed very small lights shooting out of a hill just south of Fools Nook, these lights were only a few inches in diameter, and according to the witness were darting about, he likened them to Tinkerbell out of Peter Pan, and the place that they originated was non other than the Fairyhough, the ridge that lies behind Fools Nook.

The Fairyhough

In 1991 a man was waiting for the swing bridge to close across the Macclesfield canal opposite the Fools Nook pub when he spotted a silvery object travelling through the sky faster than a conventional aircraft is capable of.

A stong Ley line has been tracked through this area, and it is thought that the building of the canal and the main road that runs through the Nook, and also the quarrying which takes place on the hillside may have twisted or broken the earth energy lines, this may have caused the powerful energy that once permeated this area to have changed to a black energy. This may help explain why this area has become an accident black spot in recent times, hence the recent addition of the dreaded speed cameras in an attempt to bring the number of accidents down. It would be worth checking to see if the number of cancer sufferers in this area was higher than the national average, as this is often the case if someone lives on or near a black energy line. In the 1980s a group of twelve scouts were walking along the Old Leek road when they spotted a silver and blue cigar shaped object hovering in the sky before it simply vanished from view. This took place near a man made mound which locals claim has a connection to the Fairy Folk, and which also has a very strong Ley line running through it.

7 Responses to “Fools Nook”

  1. i had a brother called stephen norbury who crashed his motor bike on the bend just past the fools nook pub and he was killed in june 1982 and i was born on june 1983 so i was given the name steven too….

    • Thanks for sharing these interesting facts with us Steven. I know that this is an accident black spot and I am sorry for your loss, however I wonder whether there is more than one explanation for the many accidents that have occured here. Regards Gary

    • Hi Steven.

      I remember your brother Stephen and that fateful day on the 4th June 1982.The previous month ‘May’ was a month of sad coincidences, one might say a portent of things to come…Stephen came in to see us at work ‘Cordon Bleu’ Park Green , with a copy of Motorcycle news.

      We discussed the death of John Newbold in the North West 200 road races in Northern Ireland on the 15th of May.We were shocked about his accident and talked at length about how it could happen to a safe but quick rider like John.Stephen had big expressive, almost sad eyes, he looked tearful as we talked about it.

      The saddest part of that last full month of his life , that haunt’s me still .Is a few days after that conversation he was looking for a new mode of transport and went to see a Ford Cortina a guy was selling behind the Bate Hall pub on Chestergate.

      He never bought the Cortina because the guy did not have the log book !!! Instead he bought the Silver Yamaha RD400 which would claim his life less than two weeks later.He parked it up outside the shop and we went outside to give it the once over.

      If the road was clear he would wheelie down to the lights at Park Green in spectacular fashion.I asked him how it handled? “It lists to the left with the front wheel in the air” he said.It had some kind of balance issue..

      The final twist of fate was on the day he died.He finished work early in the afternoon that Friday ,refusing the overtime he had been offered in exchange for a run on the bike…..It was a beautiful afternoon, blue Skies and very sunny.Perfect for a blast up to Bosley or Leek.

      I can’t help but remember those fateful signs, the what if’s….

      If only the guy had had that damn Log book ! Or he had taken the overtime at work …..or what if it had been raining….

      Stephen Norbury was a truly lovely man, softly spoken and a free spirit with lots of soul and I still miss him today..

  2. I lived in Rushton Spencer which looked over the fools nook and in the distance above the fools nook and we saw a geostationary silver object and presumed it was the building of the space station turns out you cant see that with your naked eye. This was 2001 ish and my camera was only 2.1mp it didn’t catch it well enough.

  3. My sister’s car was followed by 2 UFO’s doing figure 8’s 30ft above her car from Meerbrook all the way to Bosley in the late 90’s. She reported it to the Macc express and a further dozen or so people had reported it as she passed several cars on the way and all of them were staring up in disbelief at the spectacle hovering above her car. She didn’t notice them at first but felt a low vibrational hum which penetrated right into her bowels – like you get at a really loud gig but without the noise, presumably this was some kind of ultrasound. She said they were metallic disks with coloured flashing lights arranged in a circle on the underside. It was pretty much as close an encounter you can get – I’m jealous.

  4. I’ve found this little blog from the story of the fatalities on the M6. I absolutely hate the stetch of motorway from J16 up to J19. You can just get a sense that something isn’t right. Anyway there was a young girl killed by the swing bridge before it was made electricaon the canal. I believe there’s been a few sightings of her over the years. Don’t honestly know the date when she was killed though.

  5. I’m delighted to have found this mine of useful information. I had a major close encounter with a UFO on 28th December 1980 just above Fools Nook by the entrance to Rough Heyes Farm. It inspired me to collect many sighting reports in this area and I personally interviewed all of the witnesses. I posted all the information on my website which readers of this page may like to look at. It’s called Macclesfield UFO Society.

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