Mysterious Stone Unearthed.

It seems that these days Alton Towers theme park is not the only unusual attraction to be found in the Staffordshire Moorlands, as an art conservator named Marilyn Mooney has unearthed a 5000 year old decorative stone in her garden at Ramsor farm close to Alton Towers.

In an overwhelming show of generosity, Marilyn Mooney, who found the stone while digging a pond on her farm, has donated the stone to Leek’s Nicholson museum and art gallery. Mrs Sybil Ralphs who has the responsibility for the musuem’s promotion and development said “I’m thrilled Marilyn has chosen to share her amazing find with the wider community. Very few of these mysterious stones have been found down the ages so we’re fortunate to have one to be displayed in the Staffordshire Moorlands in perpetuity”.

Marilyn claims that she was aware of these stones existence but never expected to unearth one herself, especially on her own property. There is now some debate as to what purpose these stones were used for, as per usual outlandish claims seem to surface, one being that they were dropped by aliens, however the fact that they are usually found close to burial mounds would suggest that they have some sort of ceremonial or religious purpose. Another logical explanation for their existence is that they were some sort of neolithic signpost which would direct people to safe water sources. Not many of these enigmatic stones have come to light in England, none at all in the south of the country, however for some reason, even though they are rare, more have come to light in Scotland. This stone is only the second one to have been found in Staffordshire, the nearest other being unearthed in Leicestershire, although relatively rare in this country for some reason more have been found in parts of Europe.


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  1. Very interesting. I like this one.

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