Astbury’s Undiscovered Tunnel?

In days gone by many man made features that can be found on the landscape have been sited on lines of energy. These lines of energy had in the past been given the name “Dragon Lines”, and in more recent times became known more familiarly as Ley-lines. The reason or purpose of these lines of energy still remains a mystery, however our ancestors seemed to possess a greater understanding of their purpose and for this reason they sited many churches along these lines of energy. One such church which can be found on a very strong Ley-line is the church at Prestbury, however over the years these lines of energy which run through many churches have erroneously become thought of as being tunnels.

Over the years the story of a tunnel existing which links Astbury Church to nearby Glebe farm has persisted even though no solid evidence has been found to support its existence. However a recent story that I have come across points to the fact that a tunnel may exist and it may be more than just a line of energy!

The following story took place many years ago, I have spoken to Robert Lomas who owns Glebe farm and who is now in his mid forties and he claims he was only seven when the event took place. I have spoken to my brother-in-law Philip Moss who claims it took place more recently around 1988, although there may be some confusion regarding the dates the events remain the same.

Glebe farm along with Radio Stoke was hosting a Livestock Champions Event whereby all the Champion breeders of the county were gathered at this location. Keith Stevens was the broadcaster from Radio Stoke, Graham Simms, Peter Barber, Philip Moss and Dennis and Robert Lomas were in the farmhouse at the time. Philip Moss told me that he was sitting in the living room of the farmhouse with Dennis Lomas, Robert lomas’s Father, when all of a sudden the carpet started to undulate as if there was a multitude of small animals causing the carpet to rise and fall. When Philip questioned Dennis about this strange spectacle he was told it was due to a strong draught blowing out of the tunnel which runs beneath the living room floor!

Astbury Church can be seen on the right of this photograph and Glebe Farm is the building to the left of the church. A secret tunnel is said to link the two buildings!

It does seem that in the past tunnels were created as a means of escape for Priests who feared persecution. This does seem the case at St Edward’s Church in Leek which has a secret tunnel which I have investigated, and an account can be found about it on this website. With the St Edwards tunnel the Priests would have exited the tunnel and come out into the graveyard, however over the years the Church has been extended and it now terminates beneath the main altar.

In the past the Astbury church tunnel may have been used by the Priests to escape Parlimentarian soldiers who took over the church and did extensive damage to it. They smashed the beautiful stained glass windows in the church and presumably ripped out all the pews so they could stable their horses inside the church.

This photograph is of the only original surviving stained glass window which wasn’t destroyed by the occupying Parlimentarian soldiers, who did so much damage to the church. The window can be found to your left when you walk through the main doors of the church.

It seems that this was not the only damage that the soldiers committed as it is a well known fact that they ripped the organ out of the church and then proceeded to drag it across the village green and over what is now the A34, they then dragged it over the field which is now the cemetary before finally coming to a halt in what is now a small field of no more than an acre in size. At this point they destroyed the organ by presumably setting fire to it, nowadays and presumably in the past this field has become known as Organ Croft as a means of recording this destuctive event!

The small field known as Organ Croft where Astbury Church’s Organ was destroyed by Parlimentarian troops.

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