Alderley Edge-The Wizards Well

High up on the rocky outcropping known as Alderley Edge and overlooking the Cheshire plain can be found an unusual wishing well which can be found quite close to Castle Rocks. Water springs from a huge rock and then runs down into a stone trough. On the rock above the spring can be found an inscription carved deeply into the rock which reads, “Drink of this and take thy fill for the water falls by the Wizards will”. It is thought that this inscription was probably created in victorian times to promote the area and attract more visitors. Also if you look hard you can see the outline of a face carved into the rock, presumably this would have been the Wizard in question and it is assumed this would have been created at the same time as the inscription. Another place which was created during victorian times would have been a stone circle which can still be seen on the edge which would also have been used as a tourist attraction.

The Wizards face?

The photograph on the right shows what is believed to be a stone circle created in victorian times.

Also on the Edge can be found another well not to far away from the Wizards well. However this one could probably be classified as being one of two Holy wells that can be found on the Edge. Many generations ago an Anchorite Monk would have been at this spot, hence the name meaning anchored to the spot. He would probably have been here on a permanent basis, his food would have been brought to him, and I should imagine it was his duty to protect the healing waters and the source of the spring at this spot.

The Anchorite well

If you are able to find the Anchorite Well then the next Holy well is even easier to find because if you carry on walking past the well you will arrive at another one around the corner. There are still marks on the rock face where a carved head would have been. At some point in the past this carved stone head would have probably have replaced a human skull that would have occuppied the same position. This would have been very important to the Druidic beliefs of the time, and the Celtic cult of the head can still be seen in practice from the stone head carvings that adorn the gable ends of many buildings through out Cheshire.

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  3. read the book ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ by Alan Garner – and I’ve drunk from the well!

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