Mysterious Mutilations?

20131127_121817An area of land said to be a fifty mile corridor stretching from Shrewsbury to Llandridnod Wells along the border of Mid-Wales is claimed to be an area where animal mutilations have, and still are taking place.

The APFU are currently conducting a survey called Project Corridor, an attempt to quantify the number of attacks in Shropshire. Mike explained:

“(The attacks) are a crime. They’re a crime under the Criminal Damage Act. I would say to you that the farmers themselves seem to accept that not only is there a problem but in many cases they are describing what appear to be craft of unknown origin flying over their land and they are pointing the finger at them for carrying out these attacks.” More information regarding the APFU is a follows:

According to the Animal Pathology Field Unit which was formed to look into these animal mutilations in the Shropshire area and also other parts of the country, they are of the opinion that there is some sort of extraterrestrial explanation involved. Phil Hoyle is one of the people pointing the finger at aliens. Hoyle and colleagues created the  Animal Pathology Field Unit, and the men have been investigating animal mutilations in Great Britain since 1998.  About 16  members of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, in Shropshire to investigate the mutilations, have reported seeing unexplained lights in the skies in the Shropshire area during the past month. Hoyle described what he saw as being a laser light show fit to rival a scene from a Star Wars movie.

The mutilations are different for different sheep, although the common thread appears to be the precision involved in the mutilations.  Some sheep were found missing eyes and brains, while others were missing the flesh from only one side of the body. Other sheep have been found with missing organs, but only very slight incisions had been made.

Previous cases seen in Great Britain include at least one case where a sheep has been reportedly found with skin and flesh stripped from one portion of the face.

Although it is very exciting and makes for a good story to claim that some sort of alien experimentation is the cause of these mutilations, I tend to think that one should at least discard any logical explanations before looking for more unusual causes for this phenomenon. According to Mr Hoyle, who claimed to witness some sort of laser activity in the area, did he check with any companies which hire out laser equipment for private parties in the area? Added to this where is the crucial video evidence to support his claims? Also were any helicopters active on that day from nearby RAF Shawbury which may account for any unusual lights being seen in the area? 20131127_122604

My Sister who lives close to Westbury in Shropshire who has a smallholding about 1100ft above sea level in the hills in the area where these animal mutilations are taking place, forwarded the following story which makes interesting reading, and is as follows:

During the winter of 2010 we lost 10-12 runner ducks over a couple of months, they were taken during the night, individually and most amazingly off a large pool. I found feathers a couple of times across the farmers field and once one had its head ripped off as the body was caught in brambles on the edge of the pool, but I still don’t know what was capable of getting the birds off the water and never found any other bodies. The next spring I was chatting to the farmer who owns the land that backs onto ours and I was telling him about the birds being taken and he said I bet it’s the same thing that’s been taking my lambs, he then told me how he had lost 11 of his lambs, they weren’t young ones, they were several months old and were weighing roughly 30-40 kilos.I think he said they were taken the previous autumn, it had happened over a couple of months with a good healthy lamb being killed during the night, the carcass being completely stripped and nothing left but the bones, sometimes even the rib cage going, by the next morning, there would be no signs of a struggle, no blood, just a cleaned carcass! I must admit it sent chills up my spine and made my hair stand on end knowing there was something prowling around at night outside our house that was capable of doing that in one night. We never did find out what was doing it, I dug around a bit and did find that a large puma like cat had been sighted by someone reputable on the same land and also a couple of night sightings of a large cat like animal by a local game keeper but that was 10-12 years earlier so unlikely to be the same animal though they can do that to a carcass.

So that was that really until about 2 months ago when I found a very fresh lambs leg chewed off at the shin, on the same farmers land, whilst out early walking the dogs. I rang him when I got home and he went and checked and a couple of fields away sure enough he found a completely stripped carcass with the fleece rolled up next to it……it was happening again, about a week later I found another one, only this time it was the whole stripped carcass I found, shocking, poor sheep. I decided to do more digging and thought there must be someone who had come across something like this, I checked and apparently animal health deal with dead animals ( though upon speaking to them they said they didn’t usually deal with this sort of thing!) but the animal health office did say that if badgers kill sheep they often roll the fleece up next to the carcass and that was what the farmer found but he said the badger wouldn’t be likely to kill the sheep, though foxes would, so as we are surrounded by a lot of foxes and badger it’s a possibility that the foxes are killing the sheep and the badgers are then stripping the carcasses. Not nice, so until we find more evidence of the culprit in action that is all we have to go on so far. 20131127_122306

So to sum things up is natural predation what is occurring here? And is it being linked to other occurrences which are taking place at the same time? Also my Sister told me that one householder who lives close to her has seen a large black cat (possibly a Panther?), and also heard it in a wood which ajoins her property, however that is another story for another day!

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