Local fortune in gold?

The following story was related to me by a friend who I have known for at least twenty years. He is a keen metal detectorist and has been pursuing this hobby for at least 35 years, and has made significant finds during this time. He has asked me not to use his name while writing this story, so I have respected his choice of anonymity, I have also not named the farmer and the location of his farm for obvious reasons.

My friend went on to tell me this story: I had been metal detecting on a local farmers field in Cheshire and the farmer in question had had a new drive installed, the old drive had been ripped up and a new base of hard core had been put down, prior to new tarmac being laid. My friend had been told this by one of the farm workers, as my friend had recovered a number of gold sovereign’s alongside the edges of the newly tarmaced drive, he actually found one of the coins on the surface of the ground. The farm worker went on to tell my friend that he had found four gold sovereign’s as well, and he also went on to tell him that the hardcore used in the base of the driveway had come from a house that was being demolished in nearby Macclesfield, he had noticed at the time when the contractor was tipping the hardcore prior to the tarmac going on top, numerous pots which appeared to have been sealed with bees wax, it is thought that these pots are what contained the gold sovereigns which ended up being buried. My friend went over the newly laid tarmac with his metal detector, which discriminates against false signals, and he told me it went beserk, indicating that there were many signals showing gold to be present here. My friend approached the land owner seeking permission to dig the gold up, however, the land owner, being a millionaire didn’t want the inconvenience of his drive being dug up again. So to sum up, less than a mile and a half from where I live is a fortune in gold just sitting there, you could’nt make it up if you tried!

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