Are the Mouselow Stones dangerous?

If you have read the attached article “The Mouselow Stones update” you will be aware of the claims surrounding these enigmatic stones. It is claimed that they radiate some sort of energy which can interfere with electrical equipment. This was the case when they were temporarily stored in an office in Buxton Museum and it was found that none of the computers would work when in close proximity to these stones!

The stones themselves still remain at Buxton Museum, however due to renovation work and new displays being added the majority of them are now kept in storage. Only one remains on show in a glass cabinet on the upper floor.

I was curious to know whether there was any truth to the claims in regard to the energy which is said to be contained within the stones. With this in mind I travelled over to Buxton on the 28th Sept 2017 which is only about half an hour away from where I live. I carried with me an electromagnetic radiation meter, which as well as detecting an electromagnetic field it will also measure an electric field.

As I have stated the stone is kept in a glass cabinet so I was not sure whether this would dampened the signal, however as soon as I approached the cabinet with the meter it went crazy, the alarm was sounding and the light was flashing indicating that it was detecting a harmful electrical field. By placing the meter against the glass, the stone still being about 10 inches away the other side of the glass, the reading went up to 1000v/m, according to the machine a safe level is shown to be below 40v/m. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After having seen that the field was being generated outside the glass cabinet, I informed a member of staff and told them that it was radiating a harmful field, and advised them to move it to the centre of the cabinet where its effects would not be so harmful. I also advised them to make sure that the stones they had in storage were kept well away from any work areas or members of staff. They told me that they would be following up on these findings. So it would seem that these stones do generate an electrical field somehow, why and how is still a question that needs answering


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