The Ramsdell Hall ghost.

It has been rumoured that Ramsdell Hall close to Scholar Green and the Cheshire / Staffordshire border is haunted by the daughter of one of the previous owners.

Although the story is somewhat sketchy, it seems that two men were fighting a duel over the daughter on the lawn in front of the hall, apparently she rushed out of the hall to try to stop the duel and she foolishly ran in front of one of them just as he was lunging forward with his rapier. It is difficult to determine who the young lady was that tragically lost her life, it has been speculated that it could be one of William Lowndes daughters, he was the person who commissioned the building of Ramsdell Hall, he had two daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, who would have been about the right age for marrying around 1760 when the hall would have been completed.

A painting of Ramsdell Hall which I assume still hangs somewhere in the hall and which was painted sometime in the 1890s may show the face of the daughter who was so tragically killed here. The clear face of a person can be seen in the painting which has been enhanced by the flash of a camera, I have turned the painting on its side so that it is easier to pick out the face from the surrounding details.

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