The River Dane

A river like no other, wends across the plain,

tranquil in the Summer, violent in the rain,

myths and legends its banks abound,

contain hidden secrets which are never found.

The Goddess Danu gives her name,

to the fastest rising rivers fame,

from Axe Edge and through the heather,

it gains momentum in inclement weather.

A place exists where few have been,

and the Fairy Folk remain unseen,

Madam’s wood is once such place,

that contains whats left of a dying race.

Madam’s wood the Dane runs past,

this is a place where dreams can last,

a tract of land where few have stood,

only the brave may enter this wood.

The Hag Stone watches over this place,

an evil grin upon its face,

keep away from this enchanted wood,

I shall, and I think you should!

2 Responses to “The River Dane”

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