Drummers Knoll.

Drummers Knoll or Cob can be found as you travel out of Congleton on Reades Lane (Earlsway), when you pass the Bridestones on your left hand side you will eventually come to a sharp right turn, the area of land to the left of this is Drummers Knoll. This area of land at Cloudside was the scene of a tragic event dating back to 1745 and which is still remembered to this day due mainly to the way this knoll aquired its name.

The story goes that Bonnie Prince Charlie’s troops were passing this way and happened to stop to rest at this location, it is said that a drummer boy sat on the cob and to pass the time and amuse his companions while they rested he started singing and playing a tune called “Hie thee, Jamie, home again.” It is reported that an English soldier spotted the drummer boy playing from some distance away and he asked permission from his commanding officer if he could be allowed a shot to silence the young boy. The officer gave his permission, and although the distance was great the soldier proved to be an excellent shot and killed the drummer at his first attempt.

Over the years there has been sightings of the ghost of the Drummer boy at this knoll, perhaps it has something to do with the black crossroads which can also be found at this location, and is said to be a place where suicide victims and witches were buried in the belief that if they returned to this world the fact that they were buried at an intersection they would become disorientated and lose their way.

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  1. This is also the scene i think of the Bridesmaid alien abduction ?

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