White Nancy.

White Nancy is an iconic landmark which can be found at the end of the ridge known as the Saddle of Kerridge and is 918ft above sea level. Fantastic views can be seen from this vantage point overlooking Bollington which is also known locally as Happy Valley, also on a clear day it is possible to see Snowdonia in Wales. It is believed that there was some sort of structure at this point before White Nancy was built, the people who built White Nancy were the Gaskell family who lived at nearby Ingersley Hall and had it constructed in 1815.

The Gaskell family had White Nancy built as a Folly and also to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, in those days it would have had a door and small windows and it is believed that the Gaskell family would have used it for picnics, it had a stone table and circular stone bench inside it so they could have sat down to enjoy the amazing views.

Unfortunately in more recent times Bollington County Council had the edifice sealed up to stop vandalism and undesirables using the structure so people visiting the site have no where to shelter if needed. In 1999 the land and also White Nancy were donated to the people of Bollington and although it is classed as a Grade II listed building it hasn’t stopped people drawing a St George’s cross on it during the World Cup. In the past however it was painted a different colour because it was believed that German bombers could use it as a landmark for navigation purposes, it was for this reason that it was painted either green or brown to blend in with the background.

After I had climbed up to the White Nancy I found an alternative way back down which was enjoyable, a nature trail has been built and I followed the many steps down though it before I reached the bridleway which I had originally walked up. I have included a photograph of the entrance to the nature trail which can be found close to the White Nancy. It is worth the effort of returning this way as I saw a lot of wild life and also came across information boards on the way back down.

For directions to find White Nancy you need to follow the A523 Silk road out of the town of Macclesfield, when you come to the second roundabout you will see the signpost for the B5090 which is called Bollington road, turn onto this road then turn right immediately onto Clarke lane. Follow Clarke lane for about three quarters of a mile and you will come to a 90 degree left hand bend, the road changes here into Oak lane, follow Oak lane up the hill into the village of Kerridge and you will see Redway lane on your right, follow this lane a short way up the hill until you come to the first sharp right turn in the road, you will see the bridleway leading up to White Nancy on your left.


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