Thimble Hall.

In the small North Derbyshire village of Youlgreave can be found a detached house which it is claimed, is said to be the smallest detached house in the world. This 18th century Grade II listed building has been used in the past as a Cobbler’s, a Butchers and an antique shop. cucklet church 025Its dimensions measure a massive 11ft 10in by 10ft 3in and 12ft 2in in height. I am assuming that these are the outside measurements of the building as the two rooms inside are said to measure 8ft 1 in by 7ft 1 in which are connected by a ladder.

The house was last used in the 1930s and since then had fallen into disrepair and in 1996 it was declared a building at risk, however when I took these photographs on the 5-7-2013 there was evidence of renovation work  taking place.

cucklet church 028It is said that around 100 years ago a family of eight lived in the house, how they managed for room and without a kitchen, bathroom and any running water remains a mystery! Just think if you added a toilet and bathroom you could double your living space!

The last time the place was occupied was in the 1930s by a Brother and Sister known as Charlie and Jinnie Frisky. Apparently the property is officially registered with the Guiness Book of Records as the smallest detached house in the world, and when it came up for auction in 1999 the guide price was between £5,000-£15,000, however it attracted bids from all over the world including one from Uri Geller. However the property sold for £39,500 to a local ice cream manufacturer Bruno Fredrick based in Chesterfield whose descendant is said to have walked all the way from Parma to Sheffield a distance of 1000 miles back in 1875.

Another interesting feature which can be found in the village of Youlgreave and coincidently directly in front of Thimble Hall is a water reservoir called conduit head but known affectionately by the locals as “the fountain”. Prior to the building of the reservoir in 1829 water had to be carried from the river Bradford found at the bottom of the valley.cucklet church 021

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