The Healing waters of Ramsdell Hall.

Overlooking the lush green pasture land of the Cheshire plains can be found a striking red brick mansion, the Hall was built around about 1760 by the lowndes Family who were major landowners in this part of the country.

Ramsdell Hall can be found in the district of Odd Rode which is made up of a number of villages which include Scholar Green, Mow Cop, Kent Green and Rode Heath. I wonder whether William Lowndes would have built the Hall if he had known that the Macclesfield canal was going to be built alongside it! Not only was the canal built close to the hall but Mow Cop railway station was built close to the main gates of the hall, however these days nothing remains of the station.

In 1827 an unusual agreement was reached between the Lowndes family who owned Ramsdell Hall and the Macclesfield Canal Company. Originally the canal was planned to run behind the hall, however the Lowndes family allowed the canal to be constructed in front of the Hall as long as no hedges were planted alongside the canal which would spoil the views over the Cheshire countryside. The Canal Company agreed to this and iron railings were erected alongside the canal which were restored in 2007, this gives the passerby an uninterupted view of the hall and vice versa.

In the past this canal was a busy trade route, Bargees would moor their barges alongside this stretch of the canal. This was probably how the healing benefits of a salt stream were discovered, the Bargees would use this stream to aquire drinking water and they must have discovered the health benefits this water contained. The stream runs through the grounds of Ramsdell Hall and flows beneath the Macclesfield Canal through a pipe before emerging in a wooded dell (perhaps Ramsdell Hall takes its name from this?). Although these days I wouldn’t recommend drinking from this water source as it is not known wether or not it is polluted.

5 Responses to “The Healing waters of Ramsdell Hall.”

  1. Hello. fantastic job. I did not expect this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

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  3. Greeting there admin, I basically wanted to firmly make a brief observation to actually declare that in fact I loved your particular story. Thanks!

  4. Ramsdell Hall is the most dramatic and exciting home in England. The secret garden is bejond alluring. The woods and out buildings hold so many secrets. Its such a shame its not open to public visits. However following the great Mr Humphreys death this is to be understood for now. Hopefully in future the family will relent and allow us to visit there beautiful family home. Alexs eldest grandaughter once told me that Ramsdell was the most majical place to grow uo in especially at Christmas. Her entire early childhood felt like a fairy tale haveing had Alex and Ramsdell as its background. May we all see that majic soon.God bless Alex and Brenda for preserving such a piece of Uk history with there staffs help.

  5. Ramsdell Hall hold so much history and beauty that its such a shame its not open to public visits. Alexs eldest grandaughter has told me of secret gardend with lakes and full of birds. The memorys she relayed to me of majical christmas days and in her words a farytail chilhood surrounded by Ramsdells many secrets and hidden beauty. Thank goodness Alex Brenda supported by there dedicated staff have kept this Hall in such good condition.

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