Lady Warbutons walk

By the traffic lights on Rood hill in Congleton can be found a public footpath which runs behind Tesco’s, this is known locally as Lady Warburtons walk as her ghost is said to walk this path.

The path at one time led to a place known as Daisy Bank hall, which unfortunately no longer exists. The foundations of the hall could still be seen up until the 1950-60s, but have since been removed. The reason Lady Warburtons ghost is said to haunt this footpath is that she use to walk down this footpath when she was alive to find out news about her husband who was away at war. When he failed to return she was grief stricken and took her own life, now her ghost retraces the steps she once walked when she was alive in the hope of being reunited with her husband.

2 Responses to “Lady Warbutons walk”

  1. Oh what memories this brings back – Lady Warburton’s walk is at the bottom of Woodlands Avenue on Rood Hill, which is where I used to live as a child….. Many is the time that my friends and I have “braved” walking the length of the walk at dusk and frightened ourselves silly….!!! We never saw the Lady herself but we still managed to get very spooked….!!!

  2. I love walking around there , when I go for a walk around there sometime someone is there , I would love a ghost hunt there

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