The Yew Tree Pub (Cauldon Low).

Cauldon Low is a huge hill outside the small village of Waterhouses in the Staffordshire Moorlands. This hill would have been a very special place in the past as it would have been one of the highest places in the area, and the low part of its name denotes that it was a place where ancient burials took place. In the past lights have been seen dancing on top of this enigmatic hill around the area of burial mounds, people have gone as far as to claim that these lights are Spirits or Fairy Folk. However since the Second World War various companies have mined this hill taking a million tons of rock per year from it and desecrated what was once a very special place. That being said another special place can be found at the foot of Cauldon Low in the shape of the Yew Tree Public House which is on the road leading out of Waterhouses on the Cheadle road.

Although in the past I have called in at the Yew Tree I was unlucky in that each time it had been closed, however on Saturday 15-9-2012 I was fortunate to find it open, and able to take the photographs that now appear on this web page.

The Landlord a Mr East told me that due to ill health he had reduced his opening hours temporarily which would account for not finding the pub open in the past when I had called in. He also went on to explain that the reason he had accumulated so many antiques and bric-a-brac was due to the way he had been brought up, during the war he told me he was taught not to throw anything away in case it had some sort of value or use, and over the fifty one years that he has lived at the Yew Tree these values ingrained all those years ago can be clearly seen in this unique pub.

This pub is unique in that it is more like walking into a time capsule or a museum. This isn’t your typical themed pub, there are no juke boxes blaring away, no fitted carpets or ambient lighting, however if your looking to visit something that is totally unique you will probably be hard pressed to find another pub like it. It is a unique pub beneath a unique hill in a very special place known as the Staffordshire Moorlands!

5 Responses to “The Yew Tree Pub (Cauldon Low).”

  1. The pub has not changed since I first visited in 1969. It is clean, but undecorated since then. His pork pies are a must. The toilets are fine. Draught Bass has been replaced by “Three Tuns” beer from Bishops Castle in Shropshire, a pub which makes its own beer. A big improvement.

    He is closed until 6 pm on Mon, Tues and Wed. In addition he is open 12 to 3 pm on Thu and Fri. He is open all day on Sat, Sun and Bank Holiday.

    He only does local pork pies & sandwiches as food, these are a must. The ground coffee is cheap and excellant. All his prices are very cheap.

    A pub for 40+ and an experience. Visit now before he expires, otherwise regret it!

    Last visited 27 May 2013.

  2. After 52 years as the Landlord at the Yew Tree Inn and following serious illness and the recent loss of his wife, Alan has decided to take things a little easier and has handed the day to day running of the pub to his Stepson Dan. Alan is very much in evidence and will be found behind the bar whenever the pub is open. There are no changes to the character or the atmosphere of the pub apart from the addition of Burton Bridge’s ‘Stairway to heaven’ to sit alongside the Bridge Bitter and the Rudgate ‘Ruby Mild’, a regular guest beer and a tradition cider are also to be had.

    There is no need to rush over on Alan’s health as he made a full recovery and will be behind the bar at the Yew Tree for some years to come.

  3. Pleasure would someone inform if there is a bus route that goes near the yes tree pub cauldron low, we live in stoke-on-trent and we are not able to drive.thank you!

    • Take the Arriva First PMT service 18 to Leek bus station from Hanley and then Aimees Travel (Taxico) service 108 to Ashbourne. They have a website for the timetable. There are about 4 a day of them that go right past the Yew Tree, Cauldon Low and another couple through Waterhouses a short walk away. Saturdays is probably your best bet. I’m not sure of Yew Tree weekday daytime opening hours and there are no Sunday buses. I think the last 108 back to Leek gets there about 19:30 so your option is probably an afternoon/teatime visit. Don’t miss out on the Mild, Pork pies or pickled eggs.

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