The wild man of Sutton park.

It is difficult to believe that a man could be living wild dressed in tree bark and leaves only 9 miles away from this country’s second largest city, however if the witness testimonies are to be believed this is in fact a reality.

Sutton Park which covers an area of 2,400 acres in the West Midlands is said to be the place where the mystery man has been seen and where over the last few months numerous sightings of him have been made. He has aquired the name Bark Foot as his feet have been seen wrapped in tree bark which have been made into a primitive form of foot wear, his hat also has been formed of what I presume to be made of Birch bark.

Patrick Sheehy told his cousin Oliver how he was jogging through the nature reserve one morning last May when he took a short cut through one of the Holly groves when he collided with a man cooking sausages in a frying pan over an open fire, dressed in his birch bark suit.

A local reporter discovered the remains of a makeshift shelter with a fireplace and frying pan. From April to June this den was covered with blue plastic sheeting, according to John Fowler whose dog took him to the site in November 2003, he went on to say that “It was quite well hidden, about 40yards off a path and covered with holly branches and bushes”, “Quite a few times you could see smoke coming out of the top”. It seems that Bark Foot is actually breaking the law by making the park his home as an old by law forbids anyone from taking up residence in the park.

Mrs L Smith met Bark Foot at about 6.30pm on the 25th of July when he emerged from Queens Coppice, a clump of trees on one of the hills in the park. He was covered with tree bark and leaves and his bark shoes were tied together using thin saplings. He was holding a charred frying pan which had a big hole in its middle. He asked her if she had any sausages, she said she hadn’t but offered him some fudge which he took before he disappeared into the undergrowth.

Peter Molesworth encountered the wild man as he walked his dog Zeberdee at 5.30 one morning in August. He described him as about 5ft 10in in height, 60 years old and very rough looking. He was wearing a cowboy style hat made from tree bark and a long one piece overcoat which looked as though it had been woven from leaves and reeds. He had as usual with him his trusty frying pan and around a dozen sausages and he offered Peters dog one, however Peter told him his dog had already eaten. The wild man went on to identify himself as Larchey, or Larry Larch and said that he had been living in a tree house that he had constructed somewhere in the park, he also went on to say that at some time in the past he had used to be a bottle opener designer from Hemel hempstead, a sort of poor mans suburban Crocodile Dundee!

It is not known whether the wild man is still alive as this item was taken from the Sutton Coldfield Observer which appeared on the 6th of August 2004, however the park is so vast that the possibility remains that he is still alive living on his fried sausages and avoiding the likes of you and me!


7 Responses to “The wild man of Sutton park.”

  1. where does he get his sausages from?

  2. I say let the man be, the earth belongs to everyone that has had life’s breath breathed into their lungs, and no authority or piece of paper has the true power to over right that (only mans greed) If I lived closer, I’d take him a few sausages myself and a better frying pan then break bread with him.

    Good on him.!!

  3. I was strolling down the path, through the bushes i could hear a soft sizzling noise.. as i approached it grew ever louder, i whipped back the bush and we made eye contact, he did not offer me any sausages. That was the last i remember of the encounter

  4. it was a Monday evening, me and my best friend nodle went for a stroll through Sutton park. I had never been before as I normally go down Bradbury. I had seen many scary things down Bradbury, however none of that prepared me for what I was about to see… I was checking my snapchat when nodle said “what’s that groaning noise in the bushes” this intrigued us, we went to explore. I could see a man wearing a cowboy hat and shoes that seem to be made from bark. ill called over “who goes there” and he shouted In a deep, aggressive voice “sausages!”, this scared me and nodle. it just so happened nodle had bought some sausages from Tesco for the pick nick that we were about to have. the smell of sausages coming from his pouch excited the ‘beast’. he said if we gave him the sausages he would leave us alone. As nodle held out the pack of sausages (ritchmond) he pulled noddle towards him and wrapped him up with grass. I left because I was scared and the next bus to Brownhills was in five minutes.

  5. Iv heard bark man used to be a distinguished localaler, who went be the name of Baniel Durns. He used to own a small shop on the highstreet selling rare and exotic clothing. Best wishes

  6. It was around 10pm on the 21st July… 4 adulescents we’re sitting around the podium as young alec was sharing a tale. About 50 metres away there was shouting in the bushes. Within seconds a man and a dog emerged from the darkness and chased the boys deep into forest. When the boys came to a stop they could see two Bright lights moving ever closer. As they hid behind the trees they realised, it was the park rangers! The rangers drove past with the young lads nowhere to be seen due to their excellent hiding skills. What a night! The boys thought they had made it to the town gate , but no ! There’s was one more twist. As they approached the town gate they noticed a hooded figure shutting the gate. The boys pondered and the figure shouted ‘sausages!’

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