The Bears Head – Brereton

The Bears Head public house in the county of Cheshire is a black and white coaching Inn dating back to 1615. It carries the sign of a muzzled bears head which was the traditional emblem of the Brereton family. Legend has it that Sir William Brereton was interupted by his valet while he was dining, and in a fit of anger he pursued the valet, caught him and then murdered him. Consumed with guilt Sir William travelled to London to crave pardon from the King. He was then detained in the Tower of London, his life being spared on the condition that he designed an effective muzzle for a bear!

Sir William’s newly designed muzzle must have been a success on its initial testing, as Sir William was consequently pardoned and returned home. The muzzled Bears head then became the family emblem where it can still be seen adorning the Bears Head public house.

The Bears Head public house at Brereton.

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