Llynclys Lake Legend

About two miles out of the town of Oswestry close to the border between England and Wales and on the road that leads to Welshpool can be found a lake by Llynclys crossroads. It is said according to legend that a palace lies beneath these waters, and it was said in the nineteenth century that when the waters were clear enough the towers of a palace could be seen.

Humphrey Llwds book “Breviary of Britayne” which was writted in 1573 states that the reason that the palace disappeared under the waters of the lake was due to the King that lived there, and who refused to listen to the missionary Saint Germanus of Auxerre. The story is as follows: by the secret and terrible judgement of God, he with his palace and household was swallowed up into the bowels of the earth, in that place whereas, not far from Oswestry, is now a standing water, of an unknown depth, called Llunclys, that is to say: the devouring of the palace.

There is another version of the story which was published in Y Brython in 1862 and is as follows: The Llynclys family were renowned for riotous living and at their feasts a voice was often heard saying, “vengeance is coming, is coming” but no one took any notice and they carried on partying. However one day one of the maids of the household asked when the vengeance was coming, the reply was that it would come in the sixth generation, and the voice was heard no more.

When the sixth heir from the time that the warning was given was having a feast and music was playing and wine was flowing, one of the harpists went outside for some fresh air, when he turned back to re-enter the palace he found that it had disappeared. All that could be seen was a harp floating on the waters of the lake which had now covered the palace and all the revellers. Whether or not there is any truth to this legend is not known, it is yet one more legend of the many thousands that can be found throughout this country.

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