The Creature of Ogston Reservoir.

It sounds inconceivable that a creature similar to the Loch Ness monster could exist in a man made reservoir in the county of Derbyshire, however according to Ornithologists who visit this area to view the many birds that are drawn to this large expanse of water, that is what they are indeed claiming!

The following account of the incident is taken from the Ogston Bird Club’s website: On the 8th of April 2002, the unamed witness claimed that just before 5am that morning, while visiting the reservoir, he/she heard a commotion at the southern end of the lake, and saw a flock of Gulls flying just above the waters surface but diving at it, seemingly agitated by something that was creating a large bow wave moving from right to left at the surface.

As the observer watched, two dark humps broke the surface, each about 6ft long and rising about 18 inches out of the water, in line with each other and emerging twice before the bow wave subsided.

The observer claimed that these humps looked almost slimy, “like the skin of an eel, similar in colour too, but whatever it was was far to large to be an eel”.

When I visited the resevoir to take these photographs the Twitchers were out in force with their cameras trained on the waters of the lake, so if there is anything undiscovered in this man made lake the chances are good that someone will eventually capture it on film!

2 Responses to “The Creature of Ogston Reservoir.”

  1. Hiya this will be big tench mating or fighting saw something similar years ago, in mill pound only around 8 foot deep but because water feed from spring very clean so quality food source. And this water for drinking if remember write (the one in question).

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