Alderley Edge- The Golden Stone

Alderley Edge has many fascinating places worth visiting, one of these places is the Golden Stone which is not far from the Wizard restaurant and is often overlooked by people who pass it by.

This curious boulder seems to have been used for some mysterious purpose in the past and it is said to contain some sort of energy, its purpose remains unknown but it seems to have had some sort of specific purpose long ago as the rear part of the stone appears to have been worn away.

It seems as if countless pairs of feet have stood upon it and over time have worn it away. The stone does not appear to have been transported here, but seems to be part of the natural landscape.

The Golden Stone is thought to have aquired its name because some people have claimed to be able to see a golden aura emanating from the rock, these people tend to be Psychics or Mediums who have the ability to detect aura’s that living and some non-living things give off.

Perhaps one reason that could explain the worn appearance of the rear of the boulder is that people have chipped away at it over the years thinking that it may yield gold due to its name. Whatever the reason, it helps make Alderley Edge the special place it is, and always will remain!

2 Responses to “Alderley Edge- The Golden Stone”

  1. The Goldenstone is a free standing block of conglomerate sandstone, which was quarried near Stormy Point. It is a boundary stone between the parishes of Over and Nether Alderley.

    The etymology of ‘golden’ is Old English ‘gylden’, meaning ‘tribute’. Boundaries were commonly used for the exchange of goods or money, since a boundary is a neutral place, owned by none.

    The damage to the stone is the result of an attempt to destroy it at some time within the last three hundred years. The drill hole for the explosive used is clearly visible.

    The Goldenstone has no traditions, either oral or written, of a supernatural or religious significance. It is purely functional.

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