Strange Synchronicity.

I have written about the area known as Alderley Edge in the county of Cheshire which is a strange and unusual place at the best of times, however I came across a strange accident report which certainly adds to the mystique of this area, it is as follows: At 12.20pm on the 18th of April 2000, two cars crashed outside a pub called The Wizard in Macclesfield road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire, reputed to be a popular focus for Pagan worship. The two drivers, strangers to each other, shared the same house number 17. Both cars were green, H registered Rover 214 SIs. Both were five door, 16 valve manuals and had clocked up the same amount of miles. Their registration plates had the same numbers, H671GVR and H167GJA. the occupants of one car were a Handforth couple, while the other contained the Aldridge family from Whirley. There were no serious injuries, though one car lost its roof.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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